I am a COACH. I collaborate with actors...empowering them to truthfully embody a character.

I am an ACTOR... looking forward to balancing teaching with a pursuit of acting opportunities in film, television and theatre.                                

My Story:                                                                                                                          

I began my acting career in New York City in 1976 working Off Broadway, Off-Off Broadway and in regional theatre, training with master teacher Michael Howard, who continues to influence and inspire me.

I left New York in 1986 to create the MFA acting program at the University of Virginia. As the Program Director I staged 25 main stage productions and am honored to have helped actors to enter and train in graduate programs at Yale, Juilliard, NYU, Columbia, ART, ACT and Brown/Trinity. I am very proud of all the young artists I have worked with over these past 30 years at Virginia including Tina Fey, Sean Patrick Thomas, Ben McKenzie, Sarah Drew, Jason George, Emily Swallow, Catherine Kim, Ntare Mwine, Julie Lynn, Rhavynn Drummer and David Koplan.

My Philosophy and Process:                                                                                

Actors must make consistent, strong choices.  Choices that are playful and playable.  Choices that are beautifully clear and grounded in the script. Choices that are truthful, vulnerable and durable.  

My task is to create a safe, inviting environment where every actor can explore choices and expand imaginative resources. My work focuses on advanced script analysis that helps the actor to craft multi-layered, three-dimensional characters. Features of my classes and private sessions include (but are not limited to):

Exercises to challenge and expand an actor’s imagination.

Practical techniques to increase relaxation, concentration and deepen the actor’s sensory/emotional work.  

In-depth analysis of multi-scene roles.


My Services: 

Master Classes in scene study.

Private or small group coaching.

Preparation for self-taping.

Career advising for actors.


 Here's a link to a blog where I chat with producer-casting director, ERICA ARVOLD, CSA. We offer you advice about your film acting career. Enjoy!